DK Drink Nature

Hello there! I admit that lately my muse has gone on vacations to only God knows where! so I dont have the mood of designing anything these days… sometimes it happens to designers as well (not only to writers)

Images and ideas just ran away from me hehe but today I sat in front of my computer I refused to go without doing Something, Whatever!! So 3 hours later I had done this manipulation AND I hope you like… although I wasnt so inpired as other days I enjoyed with my Ctrl+c Ctrl+V and Ctrl+z Ctrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+zCtrl+z 😉



P.s: This is weird I dont usually write anything on my post but when my designer muse goes away I feel in the mood of writing a lot! :S. I’ll try to improve the effect on some other proyects… See ya! xoxo

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