About – 白い デザイン

Hi there, Im Glen Garay, an indie graphic designer. For now I made this site just share my experiments, learning and things that I like and as you can see it is still undercostruction but slowly it will take shape.

ABOUT ME: I have always worked on editorial but lately I’ve been discovering a new side of graphic design for example I love drawing robots and monsters plus  any kawaii illustration type. Hopefully in some years from now I’ll look back at this site and I’ll see how much I’ve grown as designer and person, so I consider this spot NOT a portfolio BUT a timeline to keep track of my own developing. I wanted a place for me to post whatever I wanted without caring at all of anybody’s opinion, a careless, irreverent spot where those who like what I like could feel welcome.

My FAV softwares: Photoshop (thanks to Mark Meyers) Illustrator and InDesign. Adictions: Coffee, Movies, Anime, Asian Cultures, Rock and Jazz, Photography…and FOOD!

What you’ll find here belongs to me and ONLY ME unless that I specify the opposite, Please if you share something DO NOT remove my credits Nor links from it.  Any info you need or question you have you can contact me and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Tha’s all for now! じゃ ね.


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